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Providing representation for all types of commercial and personal debt recovery.

At Kang & Co Solicitors we have a specialist team of Civil Litigation Solicitors ( Debt Recovery Solicitors ) and Barristers that are available to advise and provide representation for all types of commercial and personal debt recovery.

We understand that aged or bad debt can be damaging for personal and commercial cash-flow, which if not managed and pursued properly can lead to non-payment by the debtor which could consequently lead to difficulties in meeting the demands of your creditors.

It is not uncommon for an individual or business to be placed in significant financial difficulties because of late or non-payment of debt. If the debt is not rigorously pursued payment may not be forthcoming.

If you have unpaid invoices or debt that you have attempted to pursue yourself without any success, you should consider instructing one of our debt recovery solicitors to ensure you have the best possible chance at recovering your debt.

‘Get the right legal advice from our highly skilled and experienced debt recovery solicitors’

We provide a flexible approach to our Debt Collection clients and can tailor our service to your needs. In most circumstances when your debtor becomes aware that you have instructed a specialist law firm to chase payment, they will know that you are serious about recovering the money owed and litigation is a realistic prospect if payment is not made.

If instructed in respect of your Debt Collection matter one of our Debt Recovery Solicitors can informally chase payment, draft and serve a Late Payment Demand, Letter Before Action, issue Court Proceedings and obtain a County Court Judgement (CCJ).

If you need assistance in a debt collection situation, then contact one of our Debt Recovery Solicitors by calling 0345 222 9955 or by filling out our contact form below.

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