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Are you looking to avoid a Driving Ban? Kang & Co are specialist Driving Offence Solicitors and can help save your licence if you are facing a prosecution for any motoring offences.

What is a Driving Ban?

Many driving infringements can carry a discretionary or mandatory Driving Ban, not just points and a fine. If you have received disqualification or a Driving Ban, we highly suggest you seek advice as soon as possible by contacting one of our highly experienced motoring law solicitors on 0345 222 9955.

Most commonly a Driving Ban will be issued for the following motoring offences:

Speeding Offences carry the risk of an instant Driving Ban, subject to how fast you were travelling in excess of the speed limit.

If within a 3 year period, you accumulate 12 penalty points on your licence, you will face an automatic ban of 6 months if the guidelines are followed by the Courts. The Magistrates / Judge will have discretion on the matter of accepting any submission of mitigating circumstances on your behalf as to whether a Ban will be issued. This is known as the Totting Up system and is displayed on your licence as TT99.

If you drive for a living, you may need to protect your license in order to keep your job. You can avoid a driving ban if you put forward an exceptional hardship case. This should be handled by an experienced solicitor so that the judge can make an informed decision on your driving status.

As a New Driver, if you accumulate 6 points (or more) on your licence within a 2 year period of passing your driving test, you will lose your driving licence. This is technically not considered as a Driving Ban, but rather a revocation of your driving licence.

Avoid a Driving Ban

Is It Always Possible to Avoid a Driving Ban?

No, it’s not always possible to avoid a driving ban. A ban is mandatory in some cases. This is the case with drink driving or dangerous driving. In other circumstances, the ban is subject to the discretion of the Magistrates / Judge and will depend on any mitigating circumstances that you present.

If the Court has issued a Driving Ban that is less than 56 days, your paper licence or counterpart document will be stamped and returned to you. This will display the period of disqualification and you will not need to renew your licence. Once the disqualification period is over, your licence will become valid again.

A Driving Ban is typically issued with immediate effect and you will not be allowed to legally drive thereafter.

If you would like Kang & Co to help you avoid a Driving Ban or give you legal representation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0345 222 9955. One of our Driving Ban Solicitors will be able to assist you. Alternatively, you can arrange to pop into our head office in Birmingham, or our brand new office in Chancery Lane, London.

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