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Driving Offence Solicitors Cheltenham Spa

We are specialist motoring lawyers covering Cheltenham Spa and surrounding areas.

If you have committed a Driving Offence in or around Cheltenham Spa or have received a Postal Requisition / Summons to attend Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court, call our Motoring Offence Solicitors on 0345 222 9955 or complete our contact form and one of our Specialist Motoring Offence Lawyers will respond to your enquiry by providing you with an initial telephone assessment about your Motoring Offence Prosecution.

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0345 222 9955

Specialist Motoring Defence Lawyers for Cheltenham Spa

Our solicitors and barristers have substantial experience in representing motorists throughout the country for offences such as Drink Driving, Driving without Insurance, Dangerous Driving, Speeding and very serious motoring offences such as Causing Death by Careless Driving.

Our lawyers frequently attend and successfully defend motorists appearing before Cheltenham Spa Magistrates Court.

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Avoiding  A Driving Ban in Cheltenham Spa

If you have been charged with a motoring offence, you should firstly contact one of our specialist solicitors to establish whether you need legal representation for your case. In certain circumstances you may not require representation, if our lawyers form the opinion that you do not require a lawyer for your driving offence, they will inform you from the outset.

If you have a defence, our lawyers will inform you and will recommend that you plead not guilty. We would prepare your case for Trial and provide you with the best chance of being found Not Guilty.

In other circumstances, you may require a solicitor to represent you at Court for your Sentence Hearing to ‘Mitigate’ on your behalf. This is so that you receive the lowest sentence possible. Our lawyers frequently represent clients before Cheltenham Spa Magistrates’ Court. They have many years’ experience in convincing the Court to take into consideration personal mitigation, which can result in avoiding a Driving Ban.

If you already have 6 to 9 penalty points endorsed upon your driving licence and you are facing additional points for a further driving offence, our lawyers can be instructed to make a Special Reasons Argument or an Exceptional Hardship Argument in an attempt to avoid a Driving Ban.

Act Fast If Facing A Potential Driving Offence Prosecution

Driving offences can attract sentences of varying severity, ranging from penalty points endorsed upon your driving licence, through to a Driving Ban, and even a prison sentence.

If you are facing potential prosecution for a motoring offence, it is vital that you take specialist legal advice as soon as possible. Our solicitors and barristers provide free telephone advice to motorists that have received a “Notice of Intended Prosecution” (NIP) or a Court Summons to appear before Cheltenham Magistrates Court for a motoring prosecution.

Our solicitors can also be instructed to attend the Police Station with you for a Voluntary Police Interview.

Covering the full spectrum of Motoring Offences

As a specialist motoring offence law firm, Kang & Co specialises in defending clients for every kind of driving offence. One of the more common offences we are appointed on is Dangerous Driving.

Dangerous driving is the most serious (non-fatal) motoring offence that you can face. If convicted, you can face a custodial sentence of up to two years and a lengthy disqualification period. When you can re-apply for your licence, you can also expect extended re-testing.

The offence is committed when the way a person drives falls far below what would be expected of a competent, careful driver and it would be evident to a competent and careful driver that driving in that way would be dangerous.

Whether a person’s driving amounts to driving dangerously is assessed by a test that concentrates upon the nature of the driving rather than the driver’s state of mind at the relevant time. The first aspect of the test requires the driving to fall ‘far below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver’ and the second aspect of the test requires the dangerousness of the driving to be ‘obvious to a competent and careful driver.’

Phone & Video Meetings

As we are a specialist law firm, we are frequently appointed to represent clients across the length and breath of England and Wales. Some of our clients are unable to attend our offices because they may live some distance away or they may have limited time and availability to meet with our lawyers in person at our offices, as a result we offer clients the option of a video or telephone meeting with one of our specialist lawyers. If you appoint us to represent you, as part of the case preparation, a meeting will be required and this meeting can take place as a video or telephone conference call. Some of our clients prefer this rather than meeting at our offices, as it eliminates their travelling time and can be done from the convenience of their home or place of work via video conferencing software such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. If you would like more information about having a telephone or video conference, please speak to one of our lawyers and they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Why Choose Kang & Co Solicitors?

As a law firm which prides itself on expertise and quality, as a business we promise the following:

  • Initial Telephone Assessment – When you first contact Kang & Co Solicitors, we will provide you a brief telephone assessment to see if we can help with your case.
  • Qualified Lawyers  –  All our lawyers at Kang & Co Solicitor are either qualified solicitors or barristers with significant experience in dealing with driving offence cases. Your case will not be handled by an unqualified or inexperienced lawyer.
  • Personalised Service  – We listen to your needs and take time to understand you as an individual so that we can provide you with high quality legal advice, which is tailored to your specific individual needs and circumstances. ·
  • Cost Clarity – We can act on your matter via an ‘agreed fee’ which means that our legal costs are set in stages with no hidden legal costs. We are transparent about our costs and if we are instructed on an ‘agreed fee’ our costs will be capped in stages and will not increase. We will also give you a good indication of the likely costs to see the entire matter to conclusion. This is advice we provide from the outset, so that our clients can appropriately budget for the legal costs to progress the case to trial.
  • Quick Response  –  We respond to your telephone calls, messages, letters and e-mails in a prompt and timely manner. We understand that many type of litigation can be a tough time for you and your family, therefore we seek to deal with your queries or concerns as quickly as possible, so that you are not anxiously waiting to hear back from us.
  • Meetings in Person –  The majority of our clients are located within the Midlands therefore, where appropriate our lawyers prefer to arrange meetings in person with clients, so that our lawyers can properly advise and consider the case in person with the client. Where possible, we aim to arrange meetings at the convenience of our clients.
  • Honesty  –  We are an honest and ethical law firm, and do not make any unrealistic promises or advertise misleading figures or percentages of successful cases to mislead and secure new clients. Our honesty and ethical approach is how we have built a strong reputation within the legal industry.
recent case death by careless driving

Death by Careless Driving:
No Further Action

We were instructed to represent Mr Moss, a HGV driver who was involved in a serious road traffic collision on the M6 motorway, resulting in a death.

recent cases careless driving cyclist collision

Careless Driving:

Mr Reynolds instructed us after he was prosecuted for Careless Driving after the car he was driving was involved in a collision with a cyclist.

Statutory Declaration:
Driving Ban Removed

Mr Tucker instructed us to represent him when he recieved a driving ban for totting-up points. He recieved 6 points for failing to provide driver information.

Travelling from Cheltenham Spa to Kang & Co Solicitors

Our closest office to Cheltenham Spa is our Birmingham Head Office. It is conveniently located in the heart of Birmingham close to transport links and car parks.

If an appointment has been arranged for you to meet with one of our lawyers, the quickest and most convenient way to attend our office is via railway.  From Cheltenham Spa Railway Station, a direct train is only a 45 minutes journey to Birmingham New Street, with the trains running as frequently as every 20 minutes. Our office at 1 Victoria Square is only 5 minutes walk from Birmingham New Street station.

If you prefer to travel by car it is also quite easy to reach our office. The trip from Cheltenham to our office is approximately 50 miles via the M5, which equates to just over an hour in the car. Once you arrive in Birmingham there are plenty of car parks within walking distances of 1 Victoria Square.

Cheltenham Spa Magistrates’ Court

The closest magistrates’ court that deals with Criminal Law and Driving Crimes committed in and around the Cheltenham area is the Cheltenham Courthouse.

The address for Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court is:

Cheltenham Courthouse
St Georges Road
GL50 3PF

How to get to Courthouse from the Train Station

The journey from Cheltenham Spa Railway Station to Cheltenham Spa’s Magistrates’ Court is reasonably quick and straightforward.

If you wish to jump in a taxi at the railway station it will take approximately 2-3 minutes for the taxi to arrive at the Cheltenham Courthouse.

Should you instead prefer to walk from the railway station to court then this will take you around 15-20 minutes over a distance of 0.9 miles. You simply come outof the station and turn right up the Gloucester Road (B4633). You follow the Gloucester Road until you get to the crosssection with St. George’s Road. At St George’s Road you take a right turn and follow the road for approximately 10 minutes until you reach Cheltenham Courthouse.

Car Parking Near Court

There are no free parking facilities at Cheltenham Courthouse. If you wish you park nearby there are paid parking spaces within 200 meters of the court at the St Georges Road Car Park.

Places to Eat  Near the Magistrates’ Court

Refreshments may be needed if you are attending court as sometimes a trip to court can be a day at court. Cheltenham Courthouse itself has no onsite food and drink facilities within it’s premises, however the Courthouse is within short walking distance of lots of shops, cafes and resturants.

cheltenham courthouse driving offence solicitors cheltenham spa magistrates court

Cheltenham Courthouse

Cheltenham Courthouse
St Georges Road
GL50 3PF


“Kang & Co Solicitors is a leading driving offences solicitors firm that attains the best possible result for every client.” – Cllr. Morgan Tarr

“I called a few other firms before contacting Kang & Co Solicitors and the impression I got was that the other lawyers just wanted to progress my case to trial, which would have cost me several thousands in legal fees. I then called Kang & Co Solicitors and spoke with one of their lawyers on the phone, he explained everything is plain English. He explained to me why a trial wasn’t the best course of action to take in my case, due to a number of issues in my case, he provided me with honest and genuine advice which made sense. I then instructed Kang & Co to represent me at Court and I still received an excellent result without having to spend thousands of pounds on a trial. I appreciate the honest advice from this firm and their excellent client care throughout my case, I would certainly recommend this company to friends and family members looking for an honest and genuine Criminal Defence Lawyer in Birmingham. Thanks for your help.” – Mark Thompson

Manjinder Kang is an outstanding solicitor, and if you have him in your corner, you are in safe hands” – David Drew MP for Stroud


 Our Agreed Fees for Motoring Offence cases start from;

£1000 + VAT


Top Tips on Attending Court from the Legal Experts

Pre Planning Your Journey

If you are unfamiliar with the location of the Court, you should research this a few days before your Court date. We recommend that you research the location of the Court, how to get to Court, identify suitable car parking locations and planning your rail journey, if attending by rail. We also recommend that you park in a long-stay car park as you could be at Court for longer than anticipated.

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Our Competitively Priced Agreed Fees for Motoring Offences start from £1,000 + VAT

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An Excellent Service, Mr. Kang is a highly sought solicitor. Very knowledgeable about the subject to hand and extremely confident with the advice given to me at the time of a stressful situation.

I would recommend Kang and Co Solicitors above any other company I’ve spoken too.

Above all I got the outcome I desired based upon Mr. Kang expertise.​

Miss. P


Very clearly explained the process, took his time over getting a very clear and accurate history of events and mitigation. Barrister on the day was well prepared, went over key mitigation and presented it well in court, an excellent advocate. Barrister clearly explained possible outcomes and most realistic outcome.

Excellent service from initial contact to finishing the court case. Would recommend to anyone.

Robert Morris

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