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Expert motoring solicitors covering Coventry and the surrounding areas.

If you are seeking to instruct a Driving Offence Solicitor for an alleged driving offence committed in or around Coventry, call our specialist motoring offence solicitors on 03452229955 or complete our Contact Form and one of our driving offence lawyers will call you back to explain how we can assist.

Driving Offences at Coventry Magistrates’ Court

If you are facing a prosecution for a less serious driving offence in Coventry such as Speeding, Totting-Up, Careless Driving, Failing to Provide Driver Details or Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving, your case will be heard before Coventry Magistrates’ Court. If you would like Free Initial Telephone Advice about a driving offence prosecution before Coventry Magistrates’ Court, call our driving offence solicitors on 03452229955.

The address for Coventry Magistrates Court is:

Coventry Magistrates’ Court, Little Park Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2SQ

Driving Offence at Coventry Crown Court

If you have been charged with an ‘indictable only offence’ or a ‘triable either way offence’ such as Death by Dangerous Driving, Death by Careless Driving or Dangerous Driving your case is likely to appear before Coventry Crown Court.

The address for Coventry Crown Court is:

Coventry Combined Court Centre, 140 Much Park Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2SN

Kang & Co Coventry Driving Offence Solicitors

As a specialist driving offence law firm based at 1 Victoria Square in Birmingham City Centre, we are frequently instructed by motorists living and working in Coventry that are facing the possibility of a Driving Ban, it is crucial that you receive the best legal advice possible, and as soon as possible by calling 03452229955 or by completing our Enquiry Form.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, professional service with a high success rate. Our team of experienced solicitors and legal professionals can assist you in matters including Drink Driving, Driving Without Due Care, Failing to Stop / Report and all other driving and motoring offences. If you are worried about losing your driving license, it is possible to have a successful defence against motoring charges and we may even be able to help you avoid disqualification, particularly where losing the right to drive can adversely affect your family life and employment.

Driving has now become an integral part of our lives. Amongst other things, we rely upon driving for work, collecting the children from school, caring for vulnerable relatives and meeting relatives / friends. We often take driving for granted. However, our lives would be very different if we were disqualified from driving and no longer allowed to drive. If you rely upon driving for any of these reasons, you should seek expert legal advice about your driving prosecution before attending Coventry Magistrates’ or Crown Court.

For most people disqualification from driving means they are no longer able to continue with their job which could result in losing their income and this will have devastating repercussions upon all aspects of life. In most instances this results in financial difficulties and problems in meeting household commitments such as mortgage repayments.

Exceptional Hardship Solicitors Coventry

A driver could potentially avoid a driving ban if the Court accepts a submission of Exceptional Hardship. There is no formal definition of what amounts to Exceptional Hardship, however it is accepted that hardship must be greater than what would be reasonably foreseeable after receiving a driving ban.

The Court will also consider the effects of a driving ban on other people and dependants connected to the motorist. These third parties are effectively innocent of any offence and would in essence be punished if the motorist were to be disqualified for Totting Up. This can be a very important factor that could mean exceptional hardship would be suffered.

Loss of employment alone will not automatically amount to exceptional hardship, as it is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a driving ban. However, the implications that arise from loss of employment such as the prospect of bankruptcy or defaulting on your mortgage and the effect on others could potentially amount to exceptional hardship.

For a driving offence committed in Coventry an exceptional hardship argument would need to be made at Coventry Magistrates’ Court, which can be a daunting and frightening experience for those who are unfamiliar with the Criminal Justice System.

When making an exceptional hardship application the defendant may be required to take the oath and give evidence of their circumstances before the Magistrates’ or District Judge. The evidence given is likely to be cross-examined by the Prosecutor, Magistrates or District Judge.

In circumstances where the motorist is represented by a specialist motoring law firm, an advocate will present the evidence for the application in their submissions on behalf of the defendant. The defendant would then simply be asked on oath to confirm the truth of those submissions. At Kang & Co Solicitors, our specialist Totting Up Solicitors have been making successful exceptional hardship arguments for many years, and are skilled at identifying key evidence to win your exceptional hardship application. We have a robust approach to preparing our arguments and will not rest until a case is at its strongest.

Our driving offence solicitors take the time to understand our clients and their personal circumstances to present a case to the Court which is totally unique.

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