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Expert motoring law solicitors and barristers covering Leamington Spa and surrounding areas

If you have received a Court Summons or Postal Requisition for a Driving Offence committed in or around Leamington Spa, and you are due to appear before Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court, call our Specialist Driving Offence Solicitors on 03452229955 or complete our Enquiry Form for Free Initial Telephone Advice about your Motoring Prosecution.

Kang & Co Solicitors Covering Motoring Offences in Leamington Spa

As a law firm with offices in Birmingham City Centre, we are frequently instructed by motorists living and working within Leamington Spa.

Our Solicitors and Barristers are available to represent you for your motoring prosecution before Leamington Spa Magistrates Court (Warwickshire Justice Centre).

The address for Leamington Spa Magistrates Court (Warwickshire Justice Centre) is;

Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4EL

Why You Should Use a Specialist Motoring Offence Solicitor

As we are specialists, our lawyers have considerable experience in defending driving offences and can give a good indication of the issues in the case early on. We advise you early on of the likelihood of being successful and we maintain an excellent record of achieving successful results for our clients.

A person usually decides to instruct a solicitor as a last resort, because either they are defending litigation. If you are considering instructing a solicitor, the outcome of the case is usually of importance to the client and the outcome is significantly influenced by the solicitor you decide to instruct. An experienced and effective solicitor will provide advice from the outset so that the case is appropriately crafted, should the matter progress to trial.

Why Kang & Co Driving Offence Solicitors – Leamington Spa

Qualified Lawyers – All our lawyers at Kang & Co Solicitor are either qualified solicitors or barristers, therefore ensuring that your matter is only ever handled by a suitably qualified and experienced lawyer. Your case will not be handled by an unqualified or inexperienced lawyer.

Honesty – We are an honest and ethical law firm, and do not make any unrealistic promises or advertise misleading figures or percentages of successful cases to mislead and secure new clients. Our honesty and ethical approach is how we have built a strong reputation within the legal industry.

Personalised Service – We listen to your needs and take time to understand you as an individual so that we can provide you with high quality legal advice, which is tailored to your specific individual needs and circumstances.

Cost Clarity – We can act on your matter via an ‘agreed fee’ which means that our legal costs are set in stages with no hidden legal costs. We are transparent about our costs and if we are instructed on an ‘agreed fee’ our costs will be capped in stages and will not increase. We will also give you a good indication of the likely costs to see the entire matter to conclusion. This is advice we provide from the outset, so that our clients can appropriately budget for the legal costs to progress the case to trial.

Quick Response – We respond to your telephone calls, messages, letters and e-mails in a prompt and timely manner. We understand that many type of litigation can be a tough time for you and your family, therefore we seek to deal with your queries or concerns as quickly as possible, so that you are not anxiously waiting to hear back from us.

Regular Updates – We keep our clients regularly updated throughout the entire case. We provide our clients with regular updates on developments and at key milestones of the case and will give them an estimate of how long the matter will take to conclude. We ensure that our clients are kept well-informed every step of the way.

Legal Clarity – We explain the law, the best course of action to take and developments within the case in plain simple English and avoid using unnecessary legal language. Our lawyers understand that legal terminology can be complex and confusing therefore, when communicating with clients, we seek to be as simple and clear as possible with our clients.

Risk Advice – We make all our clients aware of any risks (including financial risks) in the case and recommend the best course of action to take to reduce risk. The risk advice also include advice on potential repercussions on your career or anticipated career.

Meetings in Person – The majority of our clients are located within the Midlands therefore, where appropriate our lawyers prefer to arrange meetings in person with clients, so that our lawyers can properly advise and consider the case in person with the client. Where possible, we aim to arrange meetings at the convenience of our clients.

Convenient Location – Our office is located at 1 Victoria Square, which is a short walk from New Street or Snow Hill train station. We are based in the heart of Birmingham City Centre so that clients can easily attend our offices for meetings with our lawyers.

Driving Offences Covered at Warwickshire Justice Centre – Leamington Spa

Our skilled and experienced solicitors represent motorists at Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court for all types of driving offences including Driving without Due Care, Speeding, Failing to Provide Driver Details, Totting-Up, Drink Driving, Failing to Provide Specimen, Driving Without Insurance and Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving.

Avoiding A Driving Ban at Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court

If you are due to appear before Warwickshire Justice Centre in relation to a Driving Offence Charge, you should seek expert legal advice by calling 03452229955 so that you are fully aware of your options before attending Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court.

Our Driving Offence Solicitors & Barristers will inform you of the options available and how we can represent you at Court. If you have a defence, our lawyers will inform you from the outset and can represent you for your Trail. If you are pleading guilty and require your driving licence for work or family circumstances, our lawyers can be appointed to make an Exceptional Hardship Application on your behalf.

Driving Ban Hardship

Almost every Driving Ban is likely to result in some form of ‘hardship’. This hardship could be in the form of hardship to the family, such as collecting the children from school or driving to the shops. Another aspect of hardship could be travelling to and from work. It is important to understand that these are everyday tasks and every disqualified driver would face some form of ‘hardship’ if they were to be disqualified from driving.

Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court imposes a driving disqualification as a punishment and under Section 35(4)(b) Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 the Court is expressly prohibited from considering any ‘hardship’ other than ‘exceptional hardship’.

An application to Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court based on ‘hardship’ alone will not be sufficient to avoid a driving disqualification because almost every driver experiences hardship of some form or another.

Exceptional Hardship Applications at Warwickshire Justice Centre

Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court will however consider an ‘exceptional hardship’ application. For hardship to be ‘exceptional’ it must be more than normally suffered because of a driving disqualification. As mentioned above most motorists disqualified from driving are at a significant risk of hardship and losing their job, whether this would amount to ‘exceptional hardship’ is based on individual circumstances and to be determined on a case by case basis.

A defendant expressing ‘exceptional hardship’ must demonstrate to the Court, on the balance of probabilities that exceptional hardship other than ordinary hardship exists. The burden on proving exceptional hardship rests with the defendant. It is crucial to understand that the Court must disqualify the defendant from driving, unless the Court is satisfied that exceptional hardship exists.

When determining whether exceptional hardship exists, the Court will also consider the effects of a disqualification on other people. These third parties are effectively innocent of any offence or wrongdoing and would essentially be punished if the driver were to be disqualified from driving.

Client Satisfaction

As a leading Driving Offence law firm providing outstanding representation to clients in Leamington Spa, we hold a 5 Star Google Reviews Rating, 5 Star Yell Rating and a 5 Star Trustpilot Rating and have been ranked as one of the Best Driving Offence Solicitors in Birmingham.

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