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Our driving offence solicitors and barristers pride themselves on providing a friendly, professional service with a high success rate. Our team of experienced solicitors and legal professionals can assist you in matters including drink driving, careless driving, driving without insurance and all other driving and motoring offences.

If you are worried about losing your driving license, it is possible to have a successful defence against motoring charges and we may even be able to help you avoid disqualification, particularly where losing the right to drive can adversely affect your family life and employment.

Have You Committed a Driving Offence?

In the modern world, driving has become a crucial part of our lives. Amongst other things, we depend upon driving for work, dropping the children off at school, looking after vulnerable relatives and meeting family / friends. We often take this for granted. However, our lives would be very different if we were disqualified from driving and no longer allowed to drive.

For most people disqualification from driving means they are no longer able to continue their employment which could result in losing their job and this will have devastating repercussions upon all aspects of life. In most instances this results in financial difficulties and problems in meeting household commitments such as mortgage repayments.

A driving conviction is also problematic for students seeking to eventually qualify into a certain profession. A professional body such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) may refuse to admit a Trainee Solicitor to the Roll of Solicitors due to a driving conviction. A professional body may question the character and suitability of a person with a driving conviction. As a result it is important to instruct a specialist solicitor as the long term impact on their career could be damaging.

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Kang & Co Solicitors truly specialist driving offence solicitors and barristers are experts at defending clients who have been charged with a motoring offence or are facing potential punishment.

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Tradespeople such a plumbers, electricians and builders face extreme difficulty if disqualified, as they will be unable to travel to building sites or the homes of customers by themselves. For a trades person, attempting to deal with a driving disqualification by using public transport is not a viable solution as they cannot transport their tools / equipment.

Bus drivers, taxi drivers and HGV drivers suffer severely if disqualified, or even if points are endorsed upon their driving licence. With these clients, they would have likely relied upon driving as an income for a significant period of time and they may not have the skills / experience to change careers, and this could leave them unemployed for a significant period.

A driving conviction could cause difficulties in seeking promotion or new employment. Some employers specifically ask about such convictions and they may factor that in.  This could potentially hinder career progression.

‘Our Driving Offence solicitors have significant skill and experience in protecting Driving Licences’

Our high-profile clients are usually concerned with adverse press publicity, as a conviction could be detrimental to their public image and may result in losing a position of responsibility or losing out on future work deals due to a blemished public profile.

At Kang & Co Solicitors we understand the importance of our clients retaining their driving licence and keeping their reputation intact. If you are being investigated for a driving offence it is crucial that you seek professional legal advice from a specialist driving offence solicitor. This will give you the best possible chance at defending your case and ensuring you are advised of any weaknesses in the prosecution case.

If you have been called to attend a Police Interview or have been charged with a driving offence and are due to appear in Court, please contact us. We can then provide you with details on how we can assist and represent you to ensure your case is properly assessed and your interests and livelihood are protected.

There are multiple ways to get in touch with a solicitor or barrister at Kang & Co Solicitors. You can fill out our contact form or you can get in touch by phone by calling 0345 222 9955. 

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