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If you are a new driver and have recently had your driving licence revoked, our New Driver Revocation Solicitors may be able to help you.

In accordance with The Road Traffic (New Drivers Act) 1995 a motorist that passes their driving test (Practical & Theory Test) will be classed as a ‘New Driver’ for a period of 2 years and will be subject to a probationary period during the first 2 years after receiving a Full Driving Licence.

A New Driver that accumulates 6 or more penalty points within this two-year probationary period will have their Driving Licence Automatically Revoked by the DVLA.

At Kang & Co Solicitors, we understand that a new driver can make a genuine mistake when driving and our lawyers are here to advise and represent new drivers at the Magistrates’ Court to assist in avoiding your driving licence being revoked. If your driving licence is revoked, this could have serious repercussions on your job, your family life and education. Call our Specialist Driving Offence Solicitors on 0345 222 9955 or complete our Contact Form at the bottom of this page for an initial telephone assessment about your case.

The Sentencing Council

When dealing with newly qualified drivers, the Magistrates’ Court is given the following guidance by The Sentencing Council:

“Drivers who incur six points or more during the two-year probationary period after passing the driving test will have their licence revoked automatically by the Secretary of State; they will be able to drive only after application for a provisional licence pending the passing of a further test (Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995).

An offender liable for an endorsement which will cause the licence to be revoked under the new drivers’ provisions may ask the court to disqualify rather than impose points. This will avoid the requirement to take a further test. Generally, this would be inappropriate since it would circumvent the clear intention of Parliament.”

The DVLA – New Driver Revoked Licence

The DVLA is The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and is the organisation of the United Kingdom Government that is responsible for maintaining a database of drivers in Great Britain. It is also required to keep a database of vehicles for the United Kingdom, the DVLA was formed in 1965. When a new driver accumulates 6 penalty points due to a Driving Offence, the DVLA will automatically exercise the powers of the Secretary of State to revoke the driving licence of the new driver.

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Are You A New Driver Who Has Recently Had Their Driving Licence Revoked ?

Kang & Co Solicitors specialist new driver revocation solicitors and barristers are experts at defending new drivers who have have recently had their driving licence revoked.

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Revocation of A Driving Licence

It is important to note that the Magistrates’ Court is not issuing a Driving Ban, instead, the DVLA is revoking the driving licence due to the accumulation of 6 penalty points within the two year period.

If your driving license is revoked by the DVLA, you are not permitted to drive, until you have re-applied for your provisional licence and you will be required to successfully complete the practical and theory test again. This will understandably result in further payments of assessment fees and could take several months to complete.

Reaching 6 Penalty Points

Motoring offences attract a range of penalty points, depending on the nature and severity of the offence. Certain driving offences provide the Magistrates’ Court with a range of penalty points that can be imposed.

The New Driver Provisions do not differentiate between whether the penalty points are accumulated in one driving offence, or because of two less serious motoring offences. The New Driver Rules will only seek to identify whether 6 or more penalty points have been accrued within the two-year period.

A motorist may commit two minor offences, which attract three points each or one offence which attracts six points, the result would be the same, the driving licence would be automatically revoked by the DVLA.

Single Driving Offences That Can Result in New Driver Revoked Licence

Below is a list of driving offences, of which a single conviction could result in the revocation of a driving licence under the new driver provisions:

  • Failing to Provide Driver Details 6 Penalty Points
  • Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving 6 Penalty Points
  • Driving Without Insurance 6 – 8 Penalty Points
  • Speeding 4 – 6 Penalty Points
  • Drunk in Charge 10 Penalty Points
  • Careless Driving 3 – 9 Penalty Points

Multiple Driving Offences  That Can Result in New Driver Revoked Licence

If a new driver commits any two of the offences in the list below, within the two-year probationary period, the motorist would accumulate 6 or more penalty points and would then be subject to a licence revocation.

  • Driving with Defective Breaks 3 Penalty Points
  • Failing to Stop at Red Traffic Signal 3 Penalty Points
  • Driving with Defective Lights 3 Penalty Points
  • Low-Level Speeding 3 Penalty Points
  • Driving with Defective Tyres 3 Penalty Points
  • Leaving Vehicle in Dangerous Position 3 Penalty Points

Avoiding a Driving Licence Revocation by DVLA

Whether a revocation of your driving licence can be avoided under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995 will depend upon the evidence in your case and the unique circumstances of your case. If you would like to speak with a Specialist Driving Offence Solicitor about your case, please call us on 0345 222 9955 or complete our Contact Form and one of our lawyers will call you back to discuss the options available to you.

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