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“I was recently represented by Kang & Co Solicitors for a drink driving charge. From the initial telephone call it was clear that Kang & Co were experts in this field. They provided sound advice and diligently guided me through the process leading up to the court case. Through their legal representation I was able to avoid a community order and receive the best possible outcome for my case .”

Ollie, TrustPilot

Flawless Legal Help

“They had very little time to go ahead with getting all valid documents needed for my case, they were extremely efficient and great at calming me and keeping me updated with my case and it’s details with interviews and courtrooms to appear in, overall great experience with kang and co, I came out with a 2 year suspended sentence instead of a 1 year custodial sentence for GBH without intent. I now get to spend the time caring for my nan and helping with my family’s needs.”

L. Roddis, TrustPilot

Kang & Co Solicitors is a truly specialist high-end law firm providing legal advice and representation for all matters involving Criminal Law and Driving Offences. We are ranked as a top tier law firm by The Legal 500 and Chambers and Partner’s prestigous law guides.

Our head office is located at 1 Victoria Square in Birmingham City Centre and we offer our services throughout England and Wales on a private fee-paying basis. We also have an office at 330 High Holborn in London and another office in central Milton Keynes. We are frequently instructed by individuals and businesses nationwide.

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Traffic Light Offences | Running A Red Light

If you have been caught running a red light then one of our traffic light offence solicitors and legal team may be able to help

Driving through a Traffic Light Signal is classed as a Motoring Offence, unless the traffic signal is green and it is clear and safe to proceed. When driving a vehicle, it is the duty and responsibility of the driver to comply with all traffic light signals during the journey. It is not a defence to simply state that the driver proceeded through an amber traffic signal and not a red traffic signal, driving through an amber traffic signal can still amount to a Traffic Light Offence. If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) for a traffic signal contravention, please call our Specialist Driving Offence Legal Team on 0330 818 9837 for a no obligation assessment.

Kang & Co Solicitors is recognised as a leading law firm in the UK by Chambers and Partners and The Legal 500 law guides for motoring defence.

Regulations for a Traffic Light Offence

The legislation that governs Traffic Light Offences is the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002.

Regulation 36(1)(a) of The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 states:

“…the red signal shall convey the prohibition that vehicular traffic shall not proceed beyond the stop line”

Regulation 36(1)(e) of The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 states:

“the amber signal shall, when shown alone, convey the same prohibition as the red signal, except that, as respects any vehicle which is so close to the stop line that it cannot safely be stopped without proceeding beyond the stop line, it shall convey the same indication as the green signal or green arrow signal which was shown immediately before it”

Due to Regulation 36(1)(e) a motorist can still face a driving offence prosecution for driving through an amber traffic signal.

Chambers and Partners 2024 Ranked Leading Law Firm

Chambers Top Ranked Law Firm

Our law firm is ranked amongst the top tier of law firms in the United Kingdom with a Band A ranking in the category of Crime (this includes Driving Offences), the highest ranking that can achieved in the Chambers Guide.

Legal 500 Leading Firm

The Legal 500 guide describes Kang & Co Solicitors as being “well adept at tailoring its resources to an individual case and investing heavily for the client. Legal advice is honest and the team always takes into consideration the views of the client.”

Sentence for Running a Red Light

A motorist that pleads guilty to running a red or amber traffic light or a motorist found guilty following Trial will receive an endorsement of 3 Penalty Points and a Court Fine of up to £1,000.00.

Road Traffic Signals

Red traffic lights:  The vehicle must stop just behind the white stop line at traffic light.

Red and amber traffic lights:  This also means stop but can prepare to go. The vehicle must not pass through the lights until the green light is illuminated.

Green traffic light:   When the light turns green, you may proceed, providing the way is clear.

Amber traffic light:  When a single amber light is illuminated, you must prepare to stop just before the first white line. You may only proceed through an amber light if you have just crossed the stop line as it changes or are too close to the stop line that stopping may cause an accident.

traffic light offence solicitors running a red light offence

Caught Running a Red Light

Kang & Co Solicitors truly specialist motoring offence legal team are experts at defending clients who have been charged with a driving offence and facing potential punishment.

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 Our Agreed Fees for Motoring Offence cases start from;

£1,800 + VAT

Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)

If a vehicle has been detected committing a Traffic Light Offence, the Registered Keeper will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution from the Police within 14 days and will also be required to provide the details of the person driving the vehicle at the relevant time. If the registered keeper does not complete and return the request for driver details to the Police within 28 days, the registered keeper of the vehicle could be prosecuted for Failing to Provide Driver Details, which is an offence that attracts an endorsement of 6 Penalty Points.

Your Defence

Failing to stop at a road traffic signal is a strict liability offence, therefore unintentionally driving through a red ( running a red light ) or amber traffic signal would not amount to a defence.

In a traffic signal contravention offence, a defence would usually relate to an outright denial, i.e. disputing the allegation by demonstrating that as the driver you did comply with the traffic signal or identifying that there was a defect with the traffic signal.

Special Reasons For Running a Red Light

A motorist may accept that they are guilty of this offence however may raise Special Reasons.

For a Special Reasons Argument to be accepted by the Court, the circumstances relied upon need to satisfy the criteria below:

  • Must be a mitigating or extenuating circumstance
  • Must not amount in law to a defence to the allegation
  • Must be directly connected with the commission of the offence
  • Must be something which the Court ought to properly take into consideration when imposing sentence.

A typical ‘Special Reason’ in a Traffic Light Offence could be that the driver did not stop at the traffic light was to prevent a serious accident or loss of life. Another Special Reason could be that the motorist went through a red traffic signal to allow an emergency vehicle past. If Special Reasons are accepted by the Court, the Court will have discretion not to impose any penalty points for this Motoring Offence.

If you are considering raising Special Reasons, you will require expert legal representation at the Magistrates’ Court to stand a reasonable chance of being successful because evidence will need to be adduced in Court, along with appropriate legal submissions to the Court of why Special reasons are present and why the Court ought not to impose penalty points.

Our Testimonials

Feedback from our clients is helpful and appreciated at Kang & Co to help our team to continually improve our services.

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If you already have 9 or more active penalty points upon your driving licence, an additional 3 points for a Traffic Light Offence will result in a Totting Up Driving Ban which is also referred to as a Penalty Points Disqualification, because you will have accumulated 12 or more penalty points upon your driving licence.

In such circumstances, expert legal advice should be sought as soon as possible from one of our legal team by calling 0330 818 9837. Alternatively you can complete our Contact Form and one of our members of staff will call you back for a no obligation assessment.

Exceptional Hardship Application

If you are at risk of receiving a Penalty Points Driving Ban, our lawyers are available to represent you in Court and to advance an Exceptional Hardship Application on your behalf in an attempt to avoid a Driving Ban.

An exceptional hardship application must be made in Court, which can be a difficult and frightening experience for people who are not familiar with the Courts or Criminal Justice System.

The precise procedure for an exceptional hardship application varies between each Court. In some Courts, a defendant may be required to take an oath and give live oral evidence before the Magistrates’ or District Judge of his / her circumstances. This evidence of the defendant is usually cross-examined by the Prosecutor, Magistrates or Judge to determine exactly how ‘exceptional’ the hardship really is.

At Kang & Co Solicitors, we have a wealth of experience in this area and this is proven within our success rates in assisting drivers in avoiding driving disqualifications. Our motoring lawyers have the appropriate knowledge of the various exceptional hardship arguments that can be put before the Court forward and can also advise you on the necessary evidence to support and strengthen the Exceptional Hardship Argument.

What amounts to Exceptional Hardship varies depending on personal circumstances. However, the following are some arguments which have been used to persuade the Court:

  • Impact on family members
  • Personal/financial implications
  • Impact on business
  • Inability to care for elderly / disabled individuals
  • Loss of employment
  • Impact on employees


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