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Speeding Solicitors and Barristers

Specialist Speeding offence solicitors and solicitors ready to take on your case

Our specialist Speeding Offence Lawyers have achieved excellent results at defending motorists that have received a postal requisition or summons to attend Court. If you are being investigated or are potentially facing prosecution for driving too fast, call our specialist team on 0345 222 9955 or send us a message via our Contact Form at the bottom of this page for a Initial Telephone Assessment regarding your alleged offence.

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Motorists that do not obtain legal advice for these type of offences could receive unnecessary penalty points on their driving licence. In certain situations, a driving ban could even ensue. This could be due to the high speed travelled in the committing of the offence, or the accumulation of 12 or more penalty points. If a motorist is facing prosecution for significantly exceeding the speed limit, they may also face prosecution for dangerous driving.


Due to the Police seeking to make our roads and motorways a safer place, speed cameras are becoming a frequent sight on our highways. There are over 14 types of camera and these are being installed on many roads and motorways across the UK. This has resulted in an increase in the number of motorists finding themselves appearing in Court for these types of offence. From the fixed Gatso camera, average speed cameras and Siemens SafeZone connected with the ANPR network to name but a few, it is likely that more and more motorists will come before the bench. The types of cameras that are being introduced to the UK highways can report much more than speeding. The newest cameras can end up with you appearing before the magistrate or Judge for eating, not wearing your seatbelt, drinking, using your phone or even smoking behind the wheel. A conviction for these type of driving offences could have lifelong repercussions, with the risk of a driving ban and the effects it may have on you, your dependants, your family and career. We recommend that you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity from one of our specialist lawyers as soon as possible.

Our Expert Road Traffic Offence Solicitors | Speeding Lawyers

Being caught Speeding could potentially result in an outright disqualification, or a totting up disqualification. A charge of this type should be taken seriously, and expert legal advice should be sought as soon as possible. In preparing a case, each aspect of the evidence should be considered by an expert in their field. This would be to identify any weaknesses that may be present in the prosecution case, and also whether we believe a robust defence is available.

In certain circumstances, it will be appropriate to make an exceptional hardship application. Kang & Co Solicitors have expert practitioners with considerable experience in defending cases of speeding offences throughout the country. From our offices in Birmingham, Milton Keynes and London, we offer full country coverage for all motoring offences.

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 Our Agreed Fees for Motoring Offence cases start from;

£1000 + VAT

Statute – What is the law?

The offence of Speeding is contained within Section 89(1), Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

The offence of exceeding the speed limit generally fall into four categories:

  1. Exceeding the speed limit on a road restricted to 20, 30 40 or 50mph;
  2. Exceeding a temporary speed limit of 70, 60 or 50mph on a road other than a motorway
  3. Exceeding the speed limit on any road the limit applied to the class of vehicle; and
  4. Exceeding the limits of speed applicable to motorway only.

Speeding is a strict liability offence, which means that the prosecution is not required to prove an intention to speed.


The National Speed Limits

  • Built-Up Areas – 30mph or 20mph in some areas
  • Single Carriageways – 60mph
  • Dual Carriageways & Motorways – 70mph unless stated otherwise.

Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)

Section 1 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 requires that for certain offences:

  1. The defendant must have been warned at the time of the possibility of the prosecution for the offence; or
  2. The defendant must have been served with the summons within 14 days of the offence; or
  3. Notice of the possibility of the prosecution must have been sent by the prosecutor within 14 days of the offence either to the driver or the registered keeper of the vehicle.

This requirement also applies to the offence of speeding. Our expert motoring lawyers investigate all aspects of your case to ensure that the prosecution has not failed to comply with their requirements. Our lawyers have successfully defended clients due to identifying failures by the prosecution.

Responding to the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)

When a speeding offence is believed to have been committed and the person driving the vehicle was not stopped, the local Police force will post a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) to the registered keeper of the vehicle within 14 days of the alleged offence being committed.

The registered keeper will then be under an obligation to identify the driver of the vehicle and respond to the Police with the identity of the driver within 28 days of receiving the NIP. If you do not provide the details of the person driving the vehicle, the registered keeper will be prosecuted for Failing to Provide Driver Information.

Once the Police has been given the identity of the person driving the vehicle when the alleged offence occurred, that person will receive a Court Summons or a Single Justice Procedure (SJP) Notice. If you have not already obtained expert legal advice from a lawyer, complete our Contact Form and one of our specialists will call you to advise on the options available to you.

Where a trial will take place for a Speeding Offence

The prosecution of Speeding is triable only summarily, this means that a trial or any hearing in connection with a prosecution for exceeding the speed limit would only take place in a Magistrates’ Court.

The specific Magistrates’ Court your case will be listed before will depend upon where the alleged offence occurred. As an example, if the offence occurred in or near Birmingham, the likelihood is that you will be required to appear before Birmingham Magistrates’ Court and if the alleged speeding offence occurred in Warwickshire your case will be listed before Warwickshire Justice Centre in Nuneaton or Leamington Spa. The same will apply if the offence occurred in Walsall, the case is likely to be heard before Walsall Magistrates’ Court. Offences committed in Staffordshire would appear before Cannock Magistrates’ Court or Newcastle under Lyme Magistrates’ Court.

If you are facing a prosecution for an offence which occurred a significant distance from where you live or work, in certain circumstances our lawyers can make an application to the Court to have the case listed in a local Magistrates’ Court, this will avoid the inconvenience of having to attend a Court in a distant part of England or Wales.

I found Kang & co a real help when my son found himself the wrong side of the line with a driving offence, they were honest and straight taking and helped my son revive the best outcome in a really bad situation he found himself in,I would honesty recommend these guys when you find yourself in trouble.


We required advice and representation at a Public Inquiry with the Birmingham Traffic Commissioner and appointed Manjinder of Kang & Co after reading an article that he had published on Transport online. He achieved the best possible outcome for us at the Inquiry – our license was not revoked and our fleet was not curtailed.

Jodie Wood

The whole process was very easy and professional from start to finish. All my questions were answered in a way I could understand and I always felt reassured. I got the least sentence I could have imagined due to all of your help and I am very satisfied because of this. Thank you for your help throughout.

Samantha Temple

Amazing service overall. I was impressed with how fast I had responses from emails with any queries or questions. On the day of my meeting with Kang & Co all options were made very clear and the advice I was given provided the result I wanted! I highly recommend Kang & Co, especially for motoring convictions.

Mr J. McBrearty

I would highly recommend using Kang & Co Solicitors. I received high quality services for the duration of my case, with the right level of honesty and reassurance. All advice provided was extremely clear and Mr Kang always went above and beyond to ensure that I had fully understood any matters discussed.

Robin Prasad

I have previously dealt with Carla Riozzi at Kang & Co and would highly recommend her. She was professional and knowledgeable about the law. She kept me up to date with my case and I found her very approachable. I would definitely instruct this firm again. Thank you for your assistance.

Mr Khan

Very clearly explained the process, took his time over getting a very clear and accurate history of events and mitigation. Barrister on the day was well prepared, went over key mitigation and presented it well in court, an excellent advocate. Barrister clearly explained possible outcomes and most realistic outcome. Excellent service from initial contact to finishing the court case. Would recommend to anyone.

Robert Morris

Mr Kang who met with me and Mr Wheeler who represented me in court were brilliant, could not have survived the experience without them! Not sure how anyone could, as I, approach an experience like this was for me, a first time appearance in court without seeking help, advice and representation from a lawyer/s such as these two great examples.

Francis Drew

From start to finish they kept me in the loop and was very straight to the point which I liked, not leading you on that you get with other firms. One firm I would highly recommend and I would very much be using in the future if needed. Thank you to Mr. Kang and his team .

T. Singh

I cannot thank Manjinder for all the help and support he gave us prior to and up to my husbands court date. This could of been a very testing time should my husband not have won his case. Special thanks to Mr Shoker who was fantastic on the day.

Mrs Noone


An extremely professional service – full and honest appraisal of situation and a positive outcome. Highly recommend!

Sheila Ni Conchobhair

The combination of hard work, expertise and commitment to achieve the best possible result ended up in my acquittal at trial. I believe instructing Kang & Co. at the time that I did made all of the difference in securing a successful outcome. I would definitely recommend Kang and Co. if you need legal representation.

Shahan Mir

Kang and Co were exceptional in helping me retain my licence after an unfair dash-cam case was brought against me. I was faced with 6 point, a ban and £800 fine, and I received none of these. Win, win, win! Very happy with them.


I believe Kang & Co Solicitors is based upon transparency, trust and integrity. I can assure you will receive an excellent bespoke service from beginning to end also have some light at the end of the tunnel during a time when the family is at its knees. My sincere regards to the entire Michelin 5* team at Kang & Co.

Rahal Miah


Manjinder Kang was absolutely fantastic and i could not have had better representation during my case. I have already recommended his firm to all my contacts for any issues relating to road transport law.

Fusion Personnel

My licence was going to be revoked and i was considering representing myself in Court and a family member recommended contacting Kang & Co. I then weighed up using a specialist firm or representing myself and made the right choice. Chris Hopkins who represented me in court was very supportive and professional. He done his utmost to get me the best outcome and delivered.

Matthew Bacon

I would highly recommend Kang & Co Solicitors. Manjinder Kang helped me in a difficult situation and nothing was too much trouble.

Maura O'Flynn

The preparation on my case was second to none, this began from the moment I contacted Manjinder Kang and his team, and they were very proactive to look into my case ASAP. The quality of representation in Court at Court was excellent, I was assigned with a Barrister, and someone who had extensive experience in this field. The outcome of your case 6 points, although I was expecting a ban as minimum.

Mr Singh

Excellent service delivered by a dependable team. Found them online and no regrets with the quality of representation they offered throughout the case. Always arrived early and ensured good communication at every stage of representation. Corporate service but no hidden charges so you know what you can afford right from initial meeting.

Dr. Lotsu

Kang & Co Solicitors are very efficient and punctual. They went out their way with their services. My friend recommended them and I will indeed do the same. Excellent quality. Anything I didn’t understand was explained to me. They went out of their way with very short notice for the work I required.

Sundeep Sanghera

I would like to say firstly a Big Thank you to Kang and Co especially Mr Manjinder Kang Solister and Mr Thomas Wheeler Barrister an excellent job done. They both know the laws and the perfect outcome. I feel that to have the best is to get the best and this company definitely fits this.

Mr. Heaney

On my court date I was assured by a great barrister everything would be done in my best interests and it was – we got the result I needed. I was so impressed by the swiftness of this company really hassle free – kept up to date with everything.

Helen B

I was summonsed for a speeding offence on the M6 toll where the speed recorded was essentially an automatic disqualification. I pleaded guilty and engaged the services of Kang and Co to plead my case not to be disqualified from driving. My outcome was positive and I retained my licence. I would recommend Kang and Co to anyone who has the need for Legal Representation.


I had 11 Taco graph for infringements was Advised to use Kang and Co was contacted straightaway by Manjinder Kang who was very professional and straightforward got working on my case immediately. I was made fully aware of what The consequences was and looking at sentence keep me updated all the time. Very prompt and professional company.

Jatinder Dhesi

We were very pleased with their service & if ever we needed a solicitor in the future we would definitely use Kang & Co Solicitors.

Amanda Collier


For personal service, security and efficiency I recommend Kang & Co. A complete service with the comfort of a clear and understandable process directed by high quality staff.

Margaret Clarke, BA, CIPD

I arranged for my nephew to see Mr Kang as he was facing a driving ban after getting 12 points in three years. Mr Kang gave my nephew detailed advice on obtaining the necessary evidence for his court case. Mr Shocker represented him at the magistrates court and instead of being banned he received a modest fine. All within a week or two!

Howard Jacobs

Professional from start to finish. High attention to detail within my case despite it being very clean cut charge wise. Highly recommended.

Lewis Boddingtonn

Manjinder and the team at Kang & Co are absolutely fantastic. From my first 10 minute consultation right through to the final outcome I felt like I was in great hands. The team asked everything they needed from me and formed a defence for my case. I don’t feel like I could of done it without the team at Kang & Co.

Stephen McC

I highly recommend Kang & Co Solicitors. From the outset communication was excellent. Manjinder Kang was very professional, polite and showed the highest level of integrity throughout the process. Thank you for the representation in court, which was a must.

Jane Longstaff

Sentencing Powers on Speeding Offences

If a motorist is convicted or pleads guilty, the court can impose 3 to 6 penalty points or disqualify the motorist from driving for up to 56 days. In addition to the penalty points or disqualification, the court will impose a level 3 fine (level 4 fine if the speeding occurred on a motorway).

A speeding conviction can also result in a ‘totting up disqualification’ (penalty points disqualification) and this could result in a driving disqualification of six months or more. An example of where ‘totting up’ would occur is if a defendant already has 6 active penalty points on a driving licence and then is prosecuted for driving too fast (51mph on a road restricted to 30mph). The conviction would result in a further 6 points being endorsed onto the driving licence, resulting in a total of 12 penalty points. In these circumstances, the defendant would be facing a driving disqualification of at least 6 months. If a motorist is facing penalty points driving ban then specialist legal advice should be obtained as soon as possible. This is to assess the prospects of making an exceptional hardship application to avoid a driving ban for exceeding the speed limit.

Do I need to appoint a Speeding Offence Solicitor?

Whether you should take expert advice and representation will depend upon the number of active points on your licence, whether you have any previous disqualifications, the circumstances of the current prosecution and whether you have the available funds to appoint expert legal representation for your case.

This is a very technical area of law and specialist lawyers will charge a premium for their legal advice, knowledge and Court advocacy skills.

As a general overview, motorist that are more likely to benefit from appointing legal representation are those that have active points on their licence or those caught well in excess of the speed limit, these motorists are at a high risk of receiving a driving ban due to totting-up or because of the serious nature of the offence, and appointing a lawyer in such circumstances will significantly increase their chances of keeping them on the road.

Drivers that have a clean licence that are facing prosecution for driving only a few MPH over the limit are unlikely to receive a disqualification and their case may be suitable to be dealt with via a fixed penalty notice. Instructing a solicitor in these circumstances may not provide a significant advantage as the risk of a driving ban would be low.

If you would like to know whether your particular case would benefit from expert advice from speeding offence solicitors, please complete our Contact Form at the bottom of the page or call us on 0345 222 9955 and we will provide you with an Initial Telephone Assessment and whether we can make a difference to the outcome

How Our Speeding Lawyers Can Help You

Each case, and each client our specialist lawyers represent are individual and therefore the approach we take for every client is individual and based on the specific circumstances of the alleged offence.

Once you have appointed our experienced and skilled lawyers to represent you for your speeding charge, we will undertake a full case assessment and will advise you of the best option available.

We have successfully defended and avoided driving disqualifications for many of our clients in a variety of different methods, this may include:

  • Identifying that the prosecution did not comply with procedural requirements;
  • Convincing the Court that you were not the driver;
  • That your vehicle had been incorrectly identified as speeding;
  • You were driving an exempted vehicle and attending a genuine emergency;

We have also successfully raised ‘Special Reasons’ arguments which have resulted in zero penalty points being endorsed onto our clients driving licences. These ‘Special Reasons’ arguments will usually be on one of the following grounds:

  • An emergency;
  • Spiked / Laced drink

Could I go to Prison for Speeding?

A person pleading guilty or convicted following trial will only receive penalty points or a disqualification and will be required to pay the Court fine, the victim surcharge and prosecution costs. The Court cannot impose a custodial sentence (prison sentence) for speeding.

If you are potentially facing a prosecution for driving at a speed significantly over the limit, then you are at risk of being prosecuted for dangerous driving, which can result in a prison sentence of up to 2 years.

Are there any Loopholes to avoid a Speeding Ban?

There are no ‘legal loopholes’ as such however, if the Police has not complied with the procedural requirements, then a prosecution can be challenged and is likely to result in the Police case failing. For this to be successfully argued in Court, you will require legal representation as appropriate legislation and case law will need to be referred to in establishing that the prosecution has not complied with deadlines and requirements.

In certain circumstances, a ban can be avoided by advancing compelling mitigation to the Court and a successful exceptional hardship argument would also avoid a ban.

Speed Awareness Courses

For offences which are slightly over the limit, the police have a discretion to offer a ‘Speed Awareness Course’ as an alternative to a Fixed Penalty Notice or a Court prosecution.

Financial Penalties for Speeding

A conviction dealt with via a Fixed Penalty Notice will incur a financial penalty of £100.00 along with the endorsement of 3 penalty points.

If the speeding offence is not suitable for a Fixed Penalty Notice and therefore prosecuted before a Magistrates’ Court, the financial penalty for speeding is a maximum fine of £1000.00 however, the maximum fine is £2,500.00 if the contravention occurred on a motorway, in addition to this the Court will impose 3 to 6 penalty points or a driving ban.

speeding solicitors speeding lawyers

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Our Competitively Priced Agreed Fees for Motoring Offences start from £1,000 + VAT

Our Competitively Priced Agreed Fees for Criminal Offence cases start from £1,500 + VAT

An exceedingly competent, professional and dedicated practice lead from the front by Manjinder Kang.

In my experience, it is often very difficult to find a professional organisation that truly delivers on their promise of expertise, quality of service, compassion and dedication to their client.

I would not hesitate in recommending Kang & Co Solicitors.  Mr. C Pilkington


Amazing service overall. I was impressed with how fast I had responses from emails with any queries or questions.

On the day of my meeting with Kang & Co all options were made very clear and the advice I was given provided the result I wanted!

I highly recommend Kang & Co.

Joseph McBrearty

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