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Driving Offence Solicitors Dudley

Specialist motoring lawyers covering Dudley and the rest of the Black Country.

If you have committed a Driving Offence in Dudley or have received a Postal Requisition / Summons to attend Dudley Magistrates’ Court, call our Motoring Offence Solicitors on 0345 222 9955 or complete our Enquiry Form and one of our Specialist Motoring Offence Lawyers will respond to your enquiry by providing you with an initial telephone assessment about your Motoring Offence Prosecution.

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Motoring Lawyers for Dudley & The Black Country

Our highly skilled and experienced Solicitors and Barristers have represented motorists for the most serious driving offences such as Causing Death by Dangerous Driving and Causing Death by Careless Driving through to less serious motoring offences such as Speeding, Failing to Provide Driver Details, Drink Driving and making Exceptional Hardship Applications on behalf our clients to avoid a Driving Ban.

Our lawyers are available to advise and represent you at Dudley Magistrates’ Court the for the full range of Motoring Offences.

Avoid a Driving Ban in Dudley

If you have been charged with a motoring offence, you should firstly contact one of our specialist solicitors to establish whether you need legal representation for your case. In certain circumstances you may not require representation, if our lawyers form the opinion that you do not require a lawyer for your driving offence, they will inform you from the outset.

If you have a defence, our lawyers will inform you and will recommend that you plead not guilty. We would prepare your case for Trial and provide you with the best chance of being found Not Guilty.

In other circumstances, you may require a solicitor to represent you at Court for your Sentence Hearing to ‘Mitigate’ on your behalf. This is so that you receive the lowest sentence possible. Our lawyers frequently represent clients before Dudley Magistrates’ Court. They have many years’ experience in convincing the Court to take into consideration personal mitigation, which can result in avoiding a Driving Ban.

If you already have 6 to 9 penalty points endorsed upon your driving licence and you are facing additional points for a further driving offence, our lawyers can be instructed to make a Special Reasons Argument or an Exceptional Hardship Argument in an attempt to avoid a Driving Ban.

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Drink Driving Lawyers

One of the most common driving offences we are appointed on is for drink driving offences. If you are facing a prosecution for Drink Driving at Dudley Magistrates’ Court, you should seek expert legal advice as soon as possible as a conviction for drink driving will result in a driving ban of at least 12 months.

The Drink Drive Limit

There are strict alcohol limits for drivers and if a person is found to be above these limits, they are likely to be prosecuted for a drink driving offence;

  • Breath – 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath
  • Blood – 80 milligrammes per 100 millilitres of blood
  • Urine – 107 milligrammes per 100 millilitres of urine

Court Sentencing Powers (Drink Driving)

Road Traffic Act 1988, Section 5(1)(a)

If a defendant is convicted or pleads guilty to drink driving, they will be disqualified from driving for at least 12 months and up to 36 months, if this is the first offence of drink driving. The Magistrates’ Court can also impose a custodial (prison) sentence of up to 6 months.

Road Traffic Act 1988, Section 5(1)(b)

If a defendant is convicted or pleads guilty to drunk in charge, they could be disqualified from driving for up to 12 months. The Magistrates’ Court can also impose a custodial (prison) sentence of up to 6 weeks.

Sentence Hearings  at Dudley Magistrates’ Court

In most circumstances, appointing a solicitor to represent you at Court for your Sentencing Hearing would make a significant difference to the sentence impose upon you by the Court, this is because for most Driving Offences, the Court has discretion upon the sentence it decides to pass.

As an example, a person may have a clean driving licence and has pleaded guilty to (Careless Driving Driving without Due Care and Attention), at the sentencing hearing the purpose of the Court is to pass an appropriate Sentence for the offence. The Court has discretion as to the sentence it imposes for Careless Driving, the Court could impose 3 to 9 penalty points or impose a Driving Ban. In such circumstances, appointing a specialist motoring lawyer would be beneficial because disqualification is possible and there is a range of points which could be endorsed upon your driving licence.

Using the example above, our Specialist Motoring Lawyers would aim to achieve the best possible result, this being the lowest possible sentence for the motoring offence you have been charged with. We would consider the evidence in the case, identify offence mitigation and offender mitigation, we would then present a persuasive case to the Court by identifying positive attributes in the case and why a more lenient sentence would be appropriate. The Court may be considering imposing a driving ban, our lawyers would seek to persuade and influence the Court to impose penalty points, rather than imposing a driving ban.

In another example, an offender may already have 6 active penalty points on his / her driving licence and the offender is now due to be sentenced for Careless Driving. If the offender receives 6 or more penalty points for Careless Driving, the offender will have accumulated 12 points or more on the driving licence and will be regarded as a ‘Totter’. In such circumstances our lawyers would first aim to influence the Court to impose 3 to 5 points for the offence of Careless Driving, as this would avoid a driving ban. In this example if the Court were to impose 6 or more points for the offence of Careless Driving, our lawyers would consider whether it was appropriate to advance an Exceptional Hardship Application on your behalf.

Do You Require A Motoring Offence Solicitor?

Kang & Co Solicitors truly specialist solicitors and barristers are experts at defending clients who have been charged with a driving offence or are facing potential punishment.

Call Us For Free Initial Advice

0345 222 9955

Why Choose Kang & Co Solicitors?

As a law firm which prides itself on expertise and quality, as a business we promise the following:

  • Initial Telephone Assessment – When you first contact Kang & Co Solicitors, we will provide you a brief telephone assessment to see if we can help with your case.
  • Qualified Lawyers  –  All our lawyers at Kang & Co Solicitor are either qualified solicitors or barristers with significant experience in dealing with driving offence cases. Your case will not be handled by an unqualified or inexperienced lawyer.
  • Personalised Service  – We listen to your needs and take time to understand you as an individual so that we can provide you with high quality legal advice, which is tailored to your specific individual needs and circumstances. · Cost Clarity – We can act on your matter via an ‘agreed fee’ which means that our legal costs are set in stages with no hidden legal costs. We are transparent about our costs and if we are instructed on an ‘agreed fee’ our costs will be capped in stages and will not increase. We will also give you a good indication of the likely costs to see the entire matter to conclusion. This is advice we provide from the outset, so that our clients can appropriately budget for the legal costs to progress the case to trial.
  • Quick Response  –  We respond to your telephone calls, messages, letters and e-mails in a prompt and timely manner. We understand that many type of litigation can be a tough time for you and your family, therefore we seek to deal with your queries or concerns as quickly as possible, so that you are not anxiously waiting to hear back from us.
  • Meetings in Person –  The majority of our clients are located within the Midlands therefore, where appropriate our lawyers prefer to arrange meetings in person with clients, so that our lawyers can properly advise and consider the case in person with the client. Where possible, we aim to arrange meetings at the convenience of our clients.
  • Honesty  –  We are an honest and ethical law firm, and do not make any unrealistic promises or advertise misleading figures or percentages of successful cases to mislead and secure new clients. Our honesty and ethical approach is how we have built a strong reputation within the legal industry.

What Our Clients Say

Faced 3 driving charges including DD…Walked away free! *****

From the start Mr Kang and his team have been nothing but honest, professional, efficient and confident. The moment I contacted the company and got the call back from Manjinder I knew they were taking this as serious as me. I was being charged with 3 offences that I knew I was not guilty of, although the odds were stacked against me, it was my word against the law, Mr Kang gave me straight to the point advice and never led me to believe that this was going to automatically go in my favour. I was looking at a 22 month driving ban due to being charged with Drink Driving, blowing 62 in the police station, 85 at the road side, as well as careless driving and driving without insurance. Not only was the ban looming over me I would have had to pay court fees and risk my reputation if I was to have been found guilty. I was represented by barrister Mr Wheeler in all my court appearances, there was 3 in total that I attended and 4 Mr Wheeler attended. It got to the point where the prosecution wasn’t supplying the evidence to Mr Kang and his team within the time they originally should, this meant Mr Kang actually took the prosecution to court on my behalf for the evidence. That’s when I knew this firm mean business and will do all they can to build a case and get you the best outcome possible. They are responsive to all questions, emails are responded to quickly. They don’t build you up with false hopes, it’s honesty from the start. I’ve ended this ordeal with no ban, no court fee, no criminal record. Yes I’ve had to pay Mr Kang his fees, some may feel they are steep others may not however I feel it was reasonable for the service I received. Money can be earned back, reputation can’t. Can’t thank Mr Kang and Mr Wheeler enough. Karen K

Highly recommend Kang & Co *****

Late 2018 I was involved in an accident which resulted in a fatality.The pending police investigation and subsequent CPS referral lasted for over a year.It was a frightening, anxious and lonely time. Having never been in trouble with the Police I was ignorant of what lay ahead. Mr Kang walked me through the process explaining each landmark and potential legal consequences, which sometimes wasn’t easy to hear.In addition to legal advice he managed my emotional wellbeing with the utmost care and empathy.I would highly recommend Kang & Co for their specialist knowledge and multi facetted application to each case.  Margaret C


 Our Agreed Fees for Motoring Offence cases start from;

£1000 + VAT

Travelling to Kang & Co Solicitors from Dudley

Our closest office to Dudley is our Birmingham head office at 1 Victoria Square, B1 1BD.  Our office is approximately 10 miles from Dudley. If you were to drive to our office it would take around half an hour. If instead you decided to travel by train the journey is much quicker and easier. From Sandwell & Dudley train station it takes just 10 minutes to arrive at Birmingham New Street (the closest station to our office). From New Street station our office is just a 2-3 minute walk into Victoria Square.

Dudley Magistrates’ Court

If you have committed a driving offence in or around the Dudley area, it is most likely that the court you attend will be Dudley Magistrates’ Court.

The address for Dudley Magistrates’ Court is;

Dudley Court House
The Inhedge

 How to Get To The Court House From the Sandwell & Dudley Train Station

If you are travelling to Sandwell & Dudley train station to get to Dudley Magistrates’ Court then you will most likely have to jump in a taxi from the station to get to the court. Dudley Magistrate’s Court is approximately 4 miles from the station. In a taxi the journey would take around 10 minutes. If you were to walk (which I would advise not to), the walk would take around an hour and a half.

How to Get To The Court House From the Tipton Train Station

 The closest train station to the Court House is Tipton train station. Tipton station is around 2.5 miles from the court and takes around 5-10 minutes in a taxi. If you were to walk from Tipton Station to the Magistrates’ Court it would take around 50 minutes.

Parking at the Court

If you are able to drive or someone else is able to drive you to the Court House, then there is plenty of free parking right next to the Court.  There is a free car park run by the council next to the court called The Inhedge.

Dudley Court House
The Inhedge

Recent Motoring Offence Cases

Exceptional Hardship:
Successful Application

We were instructed by Mr Machin to represent him at court for a exceptional hardship application to avoid a driving ban from a totting-up of points.

cannock court

Failing to Provide A Specimen:
CPS Discontinue Prosecution

Mrs Jones was being charged with “Failing to Provide a Specimen for Analysis” and was summonsed to attend Cannock Magistrates’ Court.

recent cases drink driving case study

Drink Driving:
Minimum Ban Imposed

Mr Singh appointed Kang & Co Solicitors  to represent him at his sentence hearing and to mitigate on his behalf after he was charged with drink driving


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Our Competitively Priced Agreed Fees for Motoring Offences start from £1,000 + VAT

Our Competitively Priced Fixed Fees for Criminal Offence cases start from £1,500 + VAT


An Excellent Service, Mr. Kang is a highly sought solicitor. Very knowledgeable about the subject to hand and extremely confident with the advice given to me at the time of a stressful situation.

I would recommend Kang and Co Solicitors above any other company I’ve spoken too.

Above all I got the outcome I desired based upon Mr. Kang expertise.​

Miss. P


Very clearly explained the process, took his time over getting a very clear and accurate history of events and mitigation. Barrister on the day was well prepared, went over key mitigation and presented it well in court, an excellent advocate. Barrister clearly explained possible outcomes and most realistic outcome.

Excellent service from initial contact to finishing the court case. Would recommend to anyone.

Robert Morris

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