Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Our team of Motoring Solicitors can assist you if you are being prosecuted for a criminal offence or seeking to recover money owed, however, you may have some general questions which we may have covered below.

If you do have any questions about Kang & Co Solicitors or the service we offer, then please contact us on 0345 222 9955 or send us a message via the Kang & Co Solicitors contact page.

Q. If I instruct Kang & Co Solicitors on my case, who will represent me?

We have a dedicated team of specialist solicitors and barristers who have vast experience in dealing with motoring offences and criminal offences. We guarantee that you will only be represented by a qualified solicitor or barrister.

Q. What are the cost of your legal fees?

We operate on an agreed fee basis which means we provide you with a set fee up to a certain stage in your case, the agreed fee will never be increased and is set from the outset of each stage. There are no hidden costs in our legal fees. As each case is individual, different fees will apply, please contact one of our specialist solicitors on 0345 222 9955 or send us a message via our contact page and we can discuss this with you in further detail.

Q. Do you charge VAT?

We are VAT registered, therefore we charge VAT on all legal fees.

Q. Why aren’t your fees as low as general high-street law firms?

We are a specialist high-end law firm providing a bespoke service to our clients. Our lawyers are true specialists in their field and their expertise combined with the first-class service offered at Kang & Co Solicitors means that we operate on a different level to general high-street law firms.

Q. What is included within the agreed fee?

When we set an agreed fee, we take account of the work involved, this includes barrister fees (if required), our travel expenses and the risk of any unforeseen additional work that may be necessary. You will have peace of mind knowing that the agreed fee will not be increased, even if additional work is undertaken.

Q. How often will you keep me updated?

We pride ourselves on excellent legal representation and providing the best client care, as such we guarantee that we will be in regular contact with all our clients throughout their case to ensure that they are kept informed and updated as to the progress of their case.

Q. Can I meet my solicitor in person to discuss my case?

Yes, all our clients can arrange an appointment to come to our office at 1 Victoria Square, Birmingham so that a face to face meeting can take place between the client and their solicitor. In certain circumstances, depending on the nature of the case and the fee paid, our specialist solicitors can arrange a face to face meeting at a mutually convenient location, however this is at the discretion of the solicitor.

Q. Can you guarantee that I will win my case?

No. No solicitor or barrister can ever provide such a guarantee, and you should be careful of any law firm or lawyer that promises to win your case as litigation involves risk, and on a professional basis, no lawyer is permitted to guarantee a specific result in litigation. We will certainly endeavour to win your case but unfortunately, we can’t provide you with any guarantees.

Q. Can you represent me at the police station?

Yes, our team of specialist motoring lawyers have significant experience in representing clients at the police station. If you are due to attend a voluntary police interview and would like to instruct Kang & Co Solicitors, please contact us as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to represent and advise you at the police station.

Q. What happens after a voluntary police interview?

Following a voluntary police interview, the investigating police officer will assess the evidence with their supervisor or in certain circumstances, the case will be presented to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and they will make a decision on whether to prosecute. It can sometimes take several weeks or even months before you hear back from the police.

Q. Are you authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

Yes, we are fully authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) our SRA identification number is 638269 the details of our company can be found on the Law Society Website.

Q. Are you registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Yes, as we store and process private and sensitive information we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office our registration number is: ZA267477 and our registration details can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

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