Why you need to instruct a Solicitor to represent you at the Police Station interview?

The specialist Driving Offences / Motoring Law team of Solicitors and Barristers at Kang & Co Solicitors are at hand to represent you at the Police Station, if you are being investigated for a driving offence.

We regularly represent clients being investigated for motoring offences such as Death by Dangerous Driving, Death by Careless Driving, Dangerous Driving, Careless Driving, Drink Driving and Drug Driving.

If you have been called to attend a voluntary police station interview under caution, then you should instruct a specialist motoring solicitor to represent you during your police station interview. Our team of expert lawyers are here to help and can provide you with preliminary free advice, they can be contacted by sending a message via our Contact Page or by calling 0345 222 9955 and one of our lawyers will speak to you about your case within 48 hours.

If you are due to attend the police station, it’s crucial that you act fast and instruct an experienced motoring law solicitor to represent and safeguard your legal rights at the police station.

When you instruct Kang & Co Solicitors to represent you for a police station interview, we guarantee the following:

  • Your Specialist Motoring Law Solicitor will:
  • Protect and advance your legal rights
  • Investigate the prosecution case
  • Assess the strength of the prosecution case
  • Obtain information which will assist in advancing a potential defence
  • Protect you from giving evidence which strengthens the prosecution case
  • Influence the police not to charge you with a criminal offence
  • Create a solid foundation for your case, in the event you are charged with a criminal offence

Our specialist driving offences lawyers are equipped with the skills and experience to ensure the above-mentioned points are guaranteed to all our clients. We possess an in-depth knowledge of motoring law and criminal law; our lawyers have excellent communication skills, negotiations skills and an unwavering determination to protect and advance your rights at the police station.

At the police station, our lawyers will provide the right legal advice and assistance to safeguard your interests. The importance of receiving the right legal advice and assistance is to maintain the balance between the powers of the police, when investigation a criminal and protecting your rights as a suspect. The advice and assistance given to a suspect at the police station can result in the difference of criminal proceedings being brought or discontinued against a suspect.

When you instruct Kang & Co Solicitors to represent you at the police station, we also guarantee the following:

  • Your Specialist Motoring Law Solicitor will also:
  • Ensure that you understand what facts are being alleged against you
  • Explain the legal elements of the offence you are being interviewed for
  • Explain any potential defence which may be applicable
  • Explain the burden of proof
  • Advise you of the consequences of exercising your right to silence (no comment interview)
  • Draft a prepared statement (if appropriate in the circumstances)
  • Provide you with support during your police interview
  • Ensure that you are treated fairly, and in accordance with the PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) Codes of Practice
  • Secure any evidence relevant to your defence (witnesses / video footage / vehicle evidence)
  • Maintain a full record of anything significant said and done by the Police so that it is available if required at trial

The work our lawyers carry out at the police station is the first stage of any criminal case, and for that reason it is crucial that the correct foundation is in place to protect and safeguard our clients.

Our team of expert lawyers are based at our office at 1 Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BD however, we represent clients at police station in the following areas:


Leamington Spa
Milton Keynes
Sutton Coldfield

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