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Solicitors in Milton Keynes

Kang & Co Solicitors have an office located in central Milton Keynes

Our Milton Keynes based Solicitors and Barristers are frequently instructed to represent private clients and businesses in and around Milton Keynes, Northampton and Oxford. Our office is conveniently located in the City Centre at Exchange House, 494 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 2EA.

If you are looking to appoint a Solicitor for a Driving Offence, Criminal Prosecution or Regulatory Offence, call us on 01908 429 890 or complete our Enquiry Form at the bottom of the page for a Fixed Fee quotation and details of how we can assist.

Specialist Solicitors in Milton Keynes

We are a truly specialist high-end exclusively private funded national law firm which provides legal advice and representation for all issues involving Criminal Defence, Motoring Prosecutions, Transport Law, Regulatory Law, Licensing Law & PACE Interviews. If you or your business are experiencing difficulties in respect of the legal practice areas covered at Kang & Co, please contact us for a No-Obligation Telephone Assessment about your case. Our specialist lawyers will be able to provide you with initial guidance about your case and will be able to recommend the best course of action to take.

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We Provide Services For

Driving Offences

Kang & Co Solicitors will provide expert legal advice and representation for the full spectrum of driving offences. From speeding and drink driving offences, to careless and death by dangerous driving cases.

Criminal Law

Our Criminal law Solicitors and Barristers are experienced in representing business owners and professionals that find themselves charged or being investigated for a criminal offence.

Transport Law

Our specialist road transport law and haulage lawyers understand the needs of the haulage industry and can provide you or your business with solutions to all road transport law issues.

Regulatory Law

At Kang & Co Solicitors, our lawyers are skilled at advising and representing companies and company directors for the full range of regulatory and business prosecutions.

Licensing Law

We have a comprehensive knowledge of licensing law and will provide you or your business with practical and commercially viable licensing law advice to allow you to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

PACE Interviews

We are available to represent companies and individuals for the full range of PACE Interviews Under Caution.  If you have been requested to attend a Voluntary Interview, it is vital that you receive legal advice and representation before and during your interview.

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Why Choose Kang & Co

No Obligation Initial Telephone Assessment

We offer our potential clients an initial no obligation assessment over the telephone. Our lawyers will explain how we can help and can highlight some of the possible options available.

Fixed Fees

We are clear with our legal costs from the get go, offering fixed fee defence service from £1,000+VAT (£1,200) so that our clients know exactly what they are paying for and how much it will cost.

Only Qualified Solicitors & Barristers

We guarantee that only highly experienced qualified Solicitors and Barristers are appointed to advise and represent you.

Face to Face Meetings

Unlike many law firms which only deal with clients over the phone, we take the time to understand the individual needs and requirements of our clients, as such we provide all our clients with a meeting in person at our offices in Milton Keynes so that we can provide a truly tailored service.

First Class Service

We provide all our clients with top-tier specialist legal advice and representation. We leave no stone unturned so that you have the best possible chance at achieving the best possible outcome.

Best Rated Solicitors 

Our dedication towards providing a premium legal service to clients, combined with competitive fixed fees, practical legal advice and excellent communication with all our clients has resulted in Kang & Co Solicitors being recognised as the Best Rated Driving Offence Law Firm in Milton Keynes, in addition to being recognised as the Best Rated Criminal Defence Law Firm in the area.    

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our reviews

Our Reputation

Due to our attention to detail, honest advice, experience, skill and genuine passion to obtain the best possible result for all our clients, we frequently receive positive feedback and 5-star reviews from clients on review platforms such as Trustpilot, Yell and Google Reviews.

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Client Reviews

“I used this company for a speeding offence prosecution because I was at risk of being banned from driving. They called me in for a meeting at their offices where I explained what happened and why I shouldn’t be banned. The solicitor advised me of the law in detail and represented me in Court where they were able to convince the Court that my personal circumstances amounted to exceptional hardship, as a result I wasn’t banned. I was impressed with their service.”  David Ryan

“Top class law firm with lawyers that explain everything in simple plain English. They kept in regular contact with me until my case was in Court and did a fantastic job putting my case before the Court. Really couldn’t ask for more, they have been excellent from start to finish.”  Scott Hill

“I highly recommend Kang & Co Solicitors. From the outset communication was excellent. Manjinder Kang was very professional, polite and showed the highest level of integrity throughout the process. Thank you for the representation in court, which was a must.”  Jane Longstaff

Our Clients

We represent the full range of clients from ordinary people, through to high-net worth individuals, sports personalities and actors. We are instructed by individuals that are in a financial position to pay privately for legal representation and those that appreciate the benefits of doing this, as opposed to using public funding.

We have significant experience in successfully defending:

Company Directors

Police Officers



Sports Personalities

Financial Professionals



Medical Professionals


Business Owners

Religious Figures

Fixed Fee Solicitors

Our lawyers are clear with our clients from the outset and for that reason, where possible we prefer to work on a fixed fee basis. Acting on a fixed fee gives our clients peace of mind over the cost of legal representation and avoids any unexpected surprises when it comes to legal fees. The fixed fee price structure is set from the outset, paid at the start of the case and covers the case up to a certain stage. When speaking with our solicitors they will initially explain if you require a lawyer and if so the fixed fee for the case.  The cost is based on the type of case, the location of the Court and the complexity of the case. Our fixed fees typically start from £1,000 + VAT. If you decide to instruct our solicitors, they will prepare the case and represent you in accordance with the agreement, even if we spend more time than initially anticipated. As an example, we may estimate that 6 hours of time is required on a case and set an appropriate agreed fee. Other issues may arise resulting in us dedicating 10 hours of time to the case. As our client has entered an agreed fee arrangement, we would not charge for the additional 4 hours of time.

Motoring Offences

Our driving offence solicitors can provide motorists with legal advice and representation at Court for the full range of motoring offences committed in England & Wales.

We have substantial experience and a very impressive success rate in all types of motoring offences such as, Speeding, Totting-Up, Exceptional Hardship Applications and Drink Driving. If you choose to instruct our solicitors our main objective will be to keep you on the road. If you are looking for expert advice because your driving licence is at risk from a high-end law firm, complete our Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page.

Private Criminal Law

Our Specialist Private Client Criminal Defence team of highly experienced and qualified Solicitors and Barristers are available to advise and represent you on a Fixed Fee if you are facing an investigation or prosecution for any criminal offence.

We are frequently appointed to represent and defend regulated professionals, business owners, public figures and high-net worth individuals that find themselves charged or being investigated for a criminal allegation. If you or a family member is due to appear in the Police Station, Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court, contact our Top Rated Private Criminal Defence Lawyers on 01908 429 890 or complete our Contact Form at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will explain how we can assist in defending your reputation and safeguarding your liberty.

Our clients choose us because we offer a comprehensive privately funded service that goes miles beyond what one could expect from a legal aid or low-end, quick turnaround law firm. The attention to detail and professionalism of our lawyers gives our clients the best chance possible of avoiding prosecution and to maximise their chances of being found not guilty at trial.

Transport Law Solicitors

Our Road Transport Law Solicitors can be instructed to advise and represent operators of goods and passenger vehicles (HGVs, LGVs, PSVs and PCVs) on any transport law matter. With experience and specialist knowledge our team of solicitors frequently represent operators at Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiries, Driver Conduct Hearings and with licence offence and application issues. If you require a solicitor for a transport law related issue, complete our enquiry form and one of our solicitors shall call you back.

Regulatory Law

At Kang & Co Solicitors, our lawyers are skilled at advising and representing companies and company directors for the full range of regulatory and business prosecutions. Our lawyers can be instructed from the PACE Interview Under Caution, through to representation at the Magistrates’ or Crown Court. We understand that a corporate prosecution can cause significant damage to the reputation of the business along with substantial financial penalties and can place key individuals of the business at risk of criminal prosecution, which could ultimately result in a custodial (prison) sentence.

Our solicitors and barristers explore every aspect of the prosecution case to ensure that all evidence is properly scrutinised to give you or your company the best chance of a successful outcome.

Our lawyers are frequently instructed by clients from a wide range of business sectors such as manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical and hoteliers through to retail and professional services. We can assist with:


  • HSE Investigations and Prosecutions,
  • Local Authority Proceedings
  • Improvement Notices
  • Prohibition Notices
  • Appeals Against Improvement / Prohibition Notices
  • PACE Interviews
  • Fire Safety Prosecutions
  • Trading Standards Investigations
  • Environmental Health Issues
  • Food Hygiene Issues
  • Corporate Crime
  • Corporate Manslaughter
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Directors Duties
  • HMRC Fraud


Licensing Law

Our lawyers understand that a Licensing Law issue with your business could result in long-terms repercussions for the reputation and survival of your business. Our lawyers are available to advise and represent you or your business from the PACE Interview Under Caution through to representation or appeals before the Licensing Committee, Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of licensing law and will provide you or your business with practical and commercially viable licensing law advice to allow you to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

Voluntary Police Station Interviews

The police will usually conduct a ‘Voluntary Police Interview Under Caution’ when dealing with certain types of criminal offences, or where they are dealing with suspects that have not been involved in the Criminal Justice System and are of a professional background. If the police officer dealing with the case takes the view that the suspect will co-operate with them by attending the station on an agreed date and time, they will be offered a voluntary interview.

If a voluntary police interview under caution is suitable, given the nature of the offence and given the circumstances of the suspect, the police officer will contact the suspect to arrange a date and time for the interview to be conducted.

If you have been contacted by the police to an interview, you should be aware that you are attending as a suspect in a criminal investigation, and it is not ‘a quick chat’. So that your rights and interests are protected at the interview, you should give serious consideration to appointing a lawyer as soon as possible so that you receive the right legal advice before, and during the interview. If you would like more information about attending a voluntary police interview, please call us on 01908 429 890.

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Accreditations, Partnerships and Press

Our Competitively Priced Agreed Fees for Motoring Offences start from £1,000 + VAT

Our Competitively Priced Agreed Fees for Criminal Offence cases start from £1,500 + VAT

An exceedingly competent, professional and dedicated practice lead from the front by Manjinder Kang.

In my experience, it is often very difficult to find a professional organisation that truly delivers on their promise of expertise, quality of service, compassion and dedication to their client.

I would not hesitate in recommending Kang & Co Solicitors.  Mr. C Pilkington


Amazing service overall. I was impressed with how fast I had responses from emails with any queries or questions.

On the day of my meeting with Kang & Co all options were made very clear and the advice I was given provided the result I wanted!

I highly recommend Kang & Co.

Joseph McBrearty

Kang & Co Solicitors is a truly specialist high-end law firm providing legal advice and representation for all matters involving Criminal Law, Driving Offences, Transport Law, Pace Interviews, Regulatory Law and Licensing Law.

Our head office is located at 1 Victoria Square in Birmingham City Centre and we offer our services throughout England and Wales on a private fee-paying basis. We also have an office at 5 Chancery Lane in London and another office in central Milton Keynes. We are frequently instructed by individuals and businesses nationwide.

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