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If you live or work in Walsall and are due to appear before Walsall Magistrates’ Court or Birmingham Magistrates’ Court for a Driving Offence, call our Specialist Driving Offence Solicitors on 0345 222 9955 or complete our Enquiry Form to find out how we can assist at saving you driving licence.

Motoring Law Solicitors for the Walsall Area

Our offices are based in Birmingham City Centre and our Solicitors and Barristers frequently represent residents of Walsall or those appearing before Walsall Magistrates’ Court charged with a Driving Offence.

Our Solicitors and Barristers represent clients charged with all types of Motoring Offences, from Death by Dangerous Driving through to Speeding.

Walsall Magistrates’ Court

Driving Offences committed in and around Walsall will usually be heard before Walsall Magistrates’ Court or Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

The address for Walsall Magistrates Court is:

Stafford Street, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 8HA

How Kang & Co Solicitors Can Assist

Kang & Co Solicitors is a truly specialist high-end law firm providing legal advice and representation for all types of driving offence prosecutions which are alleged to have been committed in and around Walsall.

We are based at 1 Victoria Square in Birmingham City Centre and offer our services throughout England and Wales on a private fee-paying basis. As a law firm based centrally in Birmingham City Centre, we are frequently instructed by professionals and businesses owners living and working in Walsall and Aldridge.

As a law firm which prides itself on expertise and quality, as a business we promise the following:

Qualified Solicitors and Barristers

All our lawyers are fully qualified solicitors or barristers and our clients are only ever advised and represented by qualified lawyers. To save costs many firms tend to employ apprentices, new graduates, trainees and paralegals that may have limited experience which increases the risk of mistakes in a case due to their limited experience. If you are considering instructing a firm, it would be wise to ask them to confirm in writing the status of the person that will have day-to-day conduct of your file. This will ensure that you will be aware of the status and experience of your lawyer before you make your decision.

Defending Your Driving Licence in Walsall

If you are being prosecuted for an alleged Driving Offence committed in Walsall and you are due to appear before Walsall Magistrates’ Court, there is a high risk that you could receive a Driving Ban. If you have a defence, our experienced lawyers can be instructed to represent your case in Court at Trial so you have the best possible chance at receiving a successful result and avoiding penalty points or a driving disqualification.

Solicitors for Exceptional Hardship Applications in Walsall

If you accumulate 12 or more active penalty points upon your driving licence, you will receive a ‘Totting-Up disqualification of at least 6 months and the only manner in which to avoid this ‘Penalty Points Disqualification’ is by advancing a successful Exceptional Hardship Application.

Our experienced and skilled Solicitors and Barristers have an excellent success rate at presenting persuasive Exceptional Hardship Applications to the Magistrates’ Courts and have saved numerous clients from receiving a driving disqualification.

Solicitors for Special Reasons Arguments in Walsall

In certain circumstances, it is possible to avoid a compulsory Driving Ban or penalty points from being endorsed upon your driving licence. If ‘Special Reasons’ are applicable to your case, you can avoid being disqualified from driving or having penalty points endorsed. If you would like to know more about Special Reasons and whether a Special Reasons Hearing will be applicable to your driving offence, complete our Enquiry Form or call 0345 222 9955 to speak with one of our Driving Offence Solicitors.

Solicitors for Driving Offence Sentence Hearings in Walsall

If you have been found guilty of a motoring law offence, or if you have pleaded guilty to a motoring law offence, the Court will need to impose an appropriate sentence upon you at the Sentencing Hearing for committing the offence. The word ‘sentence’ refers to the punishment the Court imposes for the offence.

In most circumstances, you should instruct a Solicitor and or Barrister to represent your interests at Court during your Sentence Hearing.

Our lawyers can obtain outstanding results for our clients by advancing persuasive and compelling mitigation on your behalf at Court. Mitigation is an art practiced by Barristers, Solicitors and Advocates in Court to persuade the Court to keep the sentence to a minimum, given the circumstances of the offence and offender.

Our lawyers will carefully consider the mitigating factors of the offence and will highlight these to the Court, our lawyers will also consider and advance personal mitigation (offender mitigation) to the Court so that the sentence can be kept to a minimum. Strong and persuasive mitigation can make the difference between losing your driving licence and keeping your driving licence.

Other Legal Services at Kang & Co Solicitors

Whilst we are a specialist Driving Offence Law firm, we also have lawyers specialising within Criminal Law, Transport Law, Licensing Law, PACE Interviews and Regulatory Law.

Kang & Co Show Support for The Saddlers

As a law firm frequently representing motorists in Walsall for driving offences, to show our support for Walsall, we have partnered us as a sponsor of Walsall F.C. and sponsor football matches at Bescot Stadium.

Travelling from Walsall to Our Offices

Our offices are based at 1 Victoria Square a short drive from Walsall on the M6 Motorway. There are also direct trains from Walsall Railway Station to Birmingham New Street Railway station which take approximately 20 minutes.

The address for Walsall Railway Station is:

Walsall station, Saddlers Centre, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 9JS


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Driving Offences We Cover

Our lawyers can represent clients for all types of driving offences and we regularly represent business owners and residents of Walsall for the following types of offences;

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